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H&L Digital is Infor’s digital transformation team. We design, build, and manage enterprise-level digital ecosysytems in the cloud.

We create end-to-end solutions to help enterprises outpace digital disruption and unlock growth opportunities

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Digital Transformation at an Enterprise Level

We believe in more than automating business processes. We strategize with client partners to create experiences that transform business process and help companies differentiate themselves.

We get there by strategically leveraging existing software capabilities and designing experiences people love to use that are assembled and run at an enterprise level.

Elements of Digital Transformation

The rise of powerful digital platforms and networks has sparked significant changes in the way we all work, communicate and sell.

  • Digitization

    • Products & Services
    • Customer Experience
    • Software
  • Cloud

    • Delivery Platform
    • Super Computer
    • New Information Models
  • Data Science

    • Machine Learning
    • Big Data
    • Prediction
  • API Economy

    • Publish & Subscribe
    • Real-Time
    • IP
  • Networks

    • Community
    • De-centralized
    • Scale
  • Instrumented World

    • Smart Automation
    • Sensors
    • Analytics
    • IoT

Enterprise-Out Approach

By driving digitization at every touch point and at every level–employee, customer, and operations–we catalyze change and add value across the entire enterprise. Only by innovating at this enterprise scale can we create a long-term competitive advantage that builds demand and engenders loyalty.


An End-to-End Digital Cloud Solution

  • Strategize

    Focus on company mission and define the vision for digital transformation.

  • Design

    Define components and create experiences based on business and user needs.

  • Assemble

    Leverage products and platforms to assemble digital cloud services.

  • Run

    Manage digital products and provide continuous support, updates, and deployment.

Digital Cloud Solutions Transforming Manufacturing

Manticore comps

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